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Standalone Shower

The available space in your bathroom is the most important thing to consider when you select a new standalone shower unit. In case there is already an existing bathtub in the bathroom and you want to opt for a bathtub as well as a standalone shower unit then your choice will be slightly restricted due to the space constraints. However if you plan to totally remodel your bathroom then you probably do not need to worry about it at all. You will find it quite convenient to zero in on your preferred shower stall without worrying about it being too big for the available space.

Having the measurements of your bathroom in hand will help you to get a fair idea about the perfect size of the standalone shower stall that can be accommodated in that space. You can then start looking for that preferred shower stall online or even at stores near you.

When you start shopping for the new shower stall you will discover that many retailers like home improvement stores or even stores selling bathroom accessories do not always sell the entire kit for standalone showers. In case you don't find a retailer that sells the entire kit for a standalone shower unit, you have to be prepared to buy each of the parts individually. You need to also find out about the parts required for installing the new shower unit. Typically the parts should include the shower door, shower floor, walls for the shower as well as the shower head. In case you are wondering about the costs involved, it may serve you well to know that the average price for the shower unit hovers between 200 $ to 300 $.

No matter whether you shop online or from a local home improvement store near you, do check out the displays, compare prices and then choose the one that fits your requirements.

Standalone Shower Unit Types

You may want to take a look at the types of standalone units available in the market. The various types include:

Push-on Mixer
Shower Mixer or Bath Mixer
Thermostatic Mixer
Manual Mixer
Electric Shower
Power Shower

Push-on Mixer: These are quite cheap and are simple to install. The spray parts along with the hose of a push-on mixer shower unit can be attached to the bath tap as per individual requirements. The water temperature can be adjusted through the bath taps. However even though it is cheap and easy to install, the hose connection is quite poor and can dislodge easily. Apart from that it is not so convenient to adjust the water temperature.
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